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Keeping Your Flat Roof Cool

We’re in the midst of a heatwave here in the UK and homes are getting hotter. One drawback in the summer of a flat roof is its tendency to trap heat but there are plenty of ways to reduce heat … Read more

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Flat Roof Drainage Systems

A key consideration when looking at a flat roof for your home is drainage. Without the angle of a low or steep-sloping roof rainwater won’t have gravity on its side to keep your roof clear.

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How To Check Your Roof For Damage

A roof is your building’s first line of defence against outside elements – whether it’s a steep-slope, low-slope or flat. Maintaining the health of your roof can protect buildings from damaging weather and lower its life-cycle costs by extending the … Read more

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Are we getting bigger or are our homes shrinking?

Did you know that we are the only country in the EU not to have a minimum space standard for the homes we live in? 

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Green roofs are all the rage

Green roofs covered in vegetation to cool their interiors, conserve energy and water, and help curb greenhouse gas emissions are being designed by architects across Kenya.

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Companies save money with cool roofs

With spring around the corner, businesses are starting to worry about the soaring costs involved with keeping their commercial buildings cool.  As air conditioning prices continue to increase, coupled with the wider awareness of the negative impact on the environment; … Read more

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Planning Law

Failing to take planning law seriously can result in extreme measures, often ending with you being forced to tear down the roof and start again.

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Roof Blends In With Historic Town’s Architecture Thanks To Sarnafil

A new building in the heart of one of the UK’s only remaining Spa towns has been fitted with a cutting-edge lookalike roof to ensure the property is sympathetic to its historic surroundings.

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Roofing Inspection & Maintenance

Old roofs are not ideal if you are somebody who hates maintenance work and it is often less expensive to replace the roof rather than to keep on repairing it in the long run.

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Horticulturists Are Reaching for the Sky in Urban Areas!

Rooftop gardens are the new big thing in urban areas. Just two minutes away from Kings Cross Station in London sits the roof garden belonging to horticulturists David Ferris and Paddy McCawley. Banana trees and clumps of greenery are present … Read more

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