Driffield High School Gets a Sarnafil Roof Upgrade

Driffield High School had a remarkable makeover with the recent refurbishment of its ageing roof using the single ply roofing system by Sika Sarnafil.

Sika Sarnafil is a leading provider of commercial waterproofing systems and single ply roofing systems and membranes. Martin Milner, a senior building surveyor of the Infrastructure and Facilities Department of the East Yorkshire Council, headed the Driffield Project. Milner has recently announced the completion of the refurbishment work on the school’s roofing system during an interview.

The lower block of Driffield High School was first constructed during the 1960s and the school building had a roof structure with concrete-decked felt. And while it had been rebuilt about 20 years ago, the school’s roofing system was not insulated and the structure was nearing its useful life when the upgrade project was undertaken by using Sika Sarnafil. The marked deterioration of the rooftop was largely attributed to water seepages and heat loss during the winter months.

The council of East Riding Yorkshire, which co-funded the roof upgrade project, approved the procurement of roof membranes and insulation system to make the school building compliant with existing standards and regulations. For this project, a total of 1,000 sq.m of light grey roofing membrane by Sarnafil was used. The installation of Sarnafil G410 15EL was done by the Hull Branch of Briggs Amasco.

“There was no insulation and the rooftop had an inferior falls to the outlets. Our group chose to outfit the school building with the Sarnafil roofing membrane with a cut-to-fall type of insulation system,” Milner explained. The majority of the school’s flat roof refurbishment projects involved single ply roofing membranes, and this was chosen by the council for its ability to handle complicated details and design elements. Milner also cites the ease of the installation of the roofing system and its topnotch quality as the primary reasons why the Sarnafil single ply roofing membranes were chosen for the refurbishment project. The council also pointed out that it decided to use Sarnafil for the project as it didn’t involve any “hot works” in the installation work and this means that disruption of regular school routines were minimized as the school rooms below the work areas were still used while the installation was going on.

In addition to getting a solid protection from the elements, the refurbished rooftop of Driffield High School had also been given a BBA-certified life expectancy of over 40 years.

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