Fiber Glass Flat Roofing: Not Your Ordinary Roof

So you have finally decided to have a flat roof to give you that extra living area or maybe you just want it solely for its asthetic appeal.  That’s great! Many people have chosen to have it.  It has been the case for a long time. So long that this has been a characteristic feature of the Egyptian, Persian and Arabian architecture.

Having a flat surface have it’s pros and cons.  The good things were discussed earlier but the disadvantage is that when not built properly you can have a home that’s like an oven during the sunny days, a freezer during the winter season and a rainforest during the monsoon months.  Point is, when you have committed to having a flat roof, it is imperative to have it built well enough to make your house as homey as possible.

There are top coats, adhesives, tap papers and other tools that have become available in the market nowadays to help you prevent all these.  There are plenty of flat coverings that are out there and one type that’s a bit out-the-box is the GRP roofing-fiberglass, which is not really regarded as a roofing material. What it is is that it’s a one-ply that’s laid in situ on a good quality plywood or an OSB deck, in dry condition in temperature not below 5oC. This would then have its edge trimmed, laminated and finally, top coated which is done as soon as possible.  All though installing fiberglass flat roofing is as intricate and specific, as baking, or even worse, the benefits of going through all these steps outweighs the hassle of putting it on.

As we all know fiberglass is made for heavy-duty waterproofing car bodies, boats, tanks etc. and so from that alone, you’ll have an idea on what it can do to your roof and ultimately to your house.  The fiberglass can last for fifty years or more, and so it can easily surpass any traditional flat roof material.  Apart from its outstanding waterproofing feature, it is impact, fire and chemical resistant, thus can definitely be used for your living space.  You can walk on it without it getting damage. You can stomp on it if you want.  It is also a great insulator and on top of that, it does look seamless, adding to the swag factor of your space that most people would definitely fall for.

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