Roofers Tagged as a Vital Cog in Various Solar Installations

The demand for various solar-based energy solutions continue to rise. And while its continued market expansion is largely attributed to the Feed-in Tariff, industry analysts agree that sustained growth is now driven by the need for more efficient and renewable energy sources for industries, commercial establishments and homes. In the face of these recent developments, the role of the modern day roofers has never been more important.

Historical Perspective

Some few years back, the National Federation of Roofing Contractors Limited (NFRC) collaborated with other entities in a Europe-based research project dubbed Eur-Active Roofer. Major findings culled from the research project showed that products that were inappropriate and poorly fitted products resulted to a combined losses and damages of about €2 billion throughout Europe.

The main objective of the research project was to determine and analyze the circumstances behind these losses and establish the required standards of performance in various installation jobs. As a follow through to this project, the NFRC in tandem with ContructionSkills, conducted a series of course works on solar roofing for roofers to ensure that the competencies and skills of their members are up to par with the requirements and standards of solar installations.

An Essential Element for Safety

The NRFC has always been a leading advocate of the position that professional roofers are the best persons to perform any type of solar installation for industries, commercial buildings and homes. The trade association cites the important role of roofing contractors in the compliance of health and safety requirements of roofing installations. NFRC has always been at the forefront to ensure that professional roofing contractors play an important role in solar installation works. In connection with this, the NFRC has been collaborating with other trade associations like the NICEIC, CIPHE and NAPIT to ensure that they maintain a consistent delivery of optimum service for all kinds of solar installation projects.

In an official statement released recently, NFRC vouched for the knowledge and technical expertise of their professional roofers, which is honed by years of experience and a solid track record. Professional roofers are comfortable working at heights and they present to the table competencies for a wide range of installation jobs ranging from the simple pitched roofs of small homes up to the roofing systems and membranes of industrial and commercial buildings.

Some contractors may not have the technical expertise and skills as well as the appropriate insurance cover for the job. And because of these reasons, installers that specialize in electrical, heating and ventilation and plumbing would oftentimes link with professional roofers to complete their projects.

The existing network among professional installers and contractors, especially those affiliated with NICEIC, CIPHE and NAPIT are extremely necessary if we want to achieve optimum results from our installation projects.

NFRC’s Support and Encouragement for Certification

The NFRC has taken upon itself to encourage and support its member-roofers to become solar installation professionals. The primary aim is for roofers to seek accreditation and qualify under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme or MCS and establish a mutually beneficial partnership with manufacturers of solar-friendly devices and products.

This is the main reason why the trade association organized the Special Focus Group, an open forum which is composed of manufacturers, professional contractors and other co-opted entities. It aims to provide the necessary support and reinforcement to members who are seeking accreditation and competencies in various solar installations.

The Solar Focus Group is expected to address the concerns and issues of members who are seeking accreditation under the MCS, and through this scheme, provide them with the necessary means to help in the growth and development of the industry. This can be achieved with the increased number of accredited roofing contractors and provide manufacturers, developers, builders, homeowners and government agencies better options in the market.

The NFRC is now closely coordinating with other associations in order to provide an efficient, reliable and safe solar installation and is now enjoining everyone interested in developing a positive partnership with them to contact their group through their email address –

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