Sarnafil’s Roofing Reputation

Sarnafil is a respected worldwide brand that exists as part of the Swiss-owned group of companies known as Sika. Sarnafil has steadily risen over the years to become one of the most successful suppliers of single ply roofing membranes.

Over 40 years ago, Sika Sarnafil created its very first waterproof membrane in Switzerland. Since it launched in the 1960s it’s continued to operate at a high level of success.

Sarnafil has supplied roofing membranes to a wide variety of buyers, both large and small. Just some of the companies and organizations that have worked with Sarnafil in the past are listed below:

  • The Emirates Stadium; home of Arsenal FC.
  • Bluewater retail centre.
  • Bristol airport.
  • St. Pancras Railway Station

With this sort of track record customers can be sure that the right people are supplying your roof. Roof Assured works in actually installing Sarnafil roofs, so you can rest-assured that they will be using only the most qualified operatives to carry out the job.

What’s more, the roofing membrane offered has a product guarantee, which has been backed by insurance. Now you can take more than just the company’s word!

The UK’s leading architects, in their work, choose the Sarnafil single ply membrane most often over all other materials.

Get the Experts for Your Installation

When you want one of our roof membranes installed you know that a specialist is going to be coming to do it. The reason for this is that the only people who can install our roofing membranes are those that have taken a special test. Registered installers will have had to complete a training course at the Norwich-based Sarnafil Training Academy.

Regular monitoring and regular inspections are carried out on all registered installers. If they fail to maintain their standards then they can lose their accreditation. Accredited installers do possess a wide variety of educational material that they will be happy to show customers if they want to see how it all works.

With Sarnafil roofing membranes you know that you are utilizing something that has been forged by the experts.

Homeowners Benefits

Homeowners are able to benefit by getting one of the Sarnafil roofing membranes. When you decide to use Roof Assured to fit your new roof you will soon see that contractors are able to work in any environment.

Garages, bay windows, and architecturally designed houses are just some of the conditions that they regularly work under. Your project is completely personalized according to your needs and your desires.

Roofing is no different. You are looking for a quality product at low prices that’s going to last you for years to come. Roof Assured can provide a guaranteed roofing solution that will give homeowners all of these things. That’s truly a worthwhile service!

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