10 Awesome Facts on Flat Roof that you Probably Didn’t Know

Many people probably know a good bit about flat roof and some may know a thing or two about the technical aspect of it, however there are some facts that we may or may not know about it that would come of pretty surprising.

Here are the few that we have gathered:

1. Flat roofs are characteristic of the Egyptian, Persian, and Arabian styles of architecture.

2. The Satsang Hall within the Govind Devji ́s Temple, Jaipur, India, has a reinforced concrete cement flat roof with a single span of 36.27 metres (119 ft).

It was designed and constructed by N. M. Roof Designers Ltd, and the hall was dedicated to the public on 23 July 2009. The hall stands on 8 columns at

3. Most Industrial or commercial buildings have flat roofs because of it’s more cost ­efficient and lighter than a pitched roof.

4. A rooftop garden improves air quality and the heat island effect in large urban areas.

5. The biggest problem is the presence of flashings and seams because these are areas where the leaks usually occur.

6. EPDM is the most commonly installed single­-ply membranes for both residential and commercial applications as it no longer requires special equipment for installations and is the cheapest among single-­ply membranes costing to $1.50 per sq foot (excluding insulation).

7. Flat roofs aren’t really flat. They are sligtly pitched to accommodate downflow of rainwater to the gutters on the edges.

8. Adding width of single­-ply membrane does not make it leak resistant but it will however make it more durable and harder to be punctured.

9. Flat roofs can be installed from 10 to 50 year product systems, depending on product and installation process.

10. This has wide uses such as helipad, kitchen, bathrooms, living and sleeping areas, pigeon coops, tennis courts, where to raise livestock, and dry laundry

There you go. You use or use it not. It’s always good to be on the know.


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