10 Mindblowing Flat Roofs: Warning this will get you in a Flat Roof Frenzy

Now we all know about different ways we can use the space that a flat roof can offer.  We have seen some patios with chairs and tables, nicely decorated.  We have seen an organic garden tilling with different produce.  All those are great, however those would all seem pale in comparison to the flat roof designs that you could find if you dig in even more.  And when you do, we bet you’ll never see flat roofs the same way again.


Talk about tree house?  You really don’t need to have one to get that same feeling of being in one.  Best place to read or just drink your hot cup of coffee in the morning, or just stare at the sunset  as you reflect on your life a bit more, or just stare and go blank.


Talk about getting nude in the open.  There’s supposed to be a pool somewhere and it seems that this right here is nothing but a part of it.  The picture alone is great enough, what more when the pool is included huh?


Is that a wishing well or a pond of some sort?


Why not do some grilling some steaks there or make smores. That is if it’s allowed.  Great space for barbeque night though.


Rustic and has a cowboy desert vibe.  An awesome bachelor space to watch the dawn while working at home, reading a book or working on your tan.


This has got to be one of the best rest house ever invented or created in human history, without exaggeration, maybe a bit.  But seriously.


Now we have a place for star gazing, no more awkward life-threatening and jerky crawl that we used to do just to get on top of our traditional sloped roof at home. Here, you just lie down and gaze, or sleep either way perfect.


Yes on the lower right corner is an infinity pool.  Enjoy.


May not be the safest option, but definitely the cleanest, most minimalistic.  Beautiful.


All we can say is, yes , yes, yes!

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