10 Quick Tips To Save You Money On Your Roof

1. Have your flat roof surface inspected at least once every 2 years professionally, or inspect the flat roof more often yourself if it’s possible and safe to do so.

So often major problems, leaks, damp patches in the home, and major roof repairs could be prevented if problems and symptoms were spotted early, and if minor cleaning and maintenance were carried out in time. Things to look for include blocked gutters, pooling and ponding of water on the roof surface, debris and rubbish in the roof, blisters and bubbling, minor cracks and splits. It’s also worth checking in the attic / loft for any signs of leaking through from the main roofing area of the house.

2. Check the drainage and guttering system around the edges of your roof regularly.

Blocked gutters, broken down pipes, fascias, soffits and bargeboards could all lead to water and damp entering your home, and undermining the integrity of your flat roof.

3. Check the areas where the flat roof actually joins the brickwork of the house.

Look for problems with masonry, mortar and flashings around the edges of the roof.

4. Get more than one quote for any work you want professional roofing companies to carry out.

Quite simply, you could save yourself a good sum of money for a similar standard of work by getting several quotes for a roofing job. Be careful though, quality of workmanship and materials is just as important as price, if not more so.

5. Check if you are eligible for roofing grants or financial assistance.

When replacing or conducting major repairs on your roof, depending on your circumstances and location, there may be roofing grants, or home improvement assistance means available to you. Check with your local council.

6. Prune and cut back any overhanging or nearby trees and vegetation.

Not only can the tree branches themselves damage the roof, but falling leaves and other materials, but squirrels, birds and other wildlife and their waste coming into contact with the roof surface could be detrimental. Also, in heavy rain, water could drain from an area of dense vegetation onto one area of the roof. All of these things could lead to roof damage, damp, leaks, and ultimately, more expense and worry for you.

7. Be extra vigilant in freezing, icy conditions.

If the weather is very icy, water can freeze in the gutters around your flat roof. This could make it difficult for any water to drain away as ice and snow thaws on the roof surface, or if there is a further fall of rain or snow.

8. Be very careful if and when you inspect or walk on the flat roof.

Although inspections are necessary, putting a ladder up and applying your weight against it in the wrong place, or moving around on the flat roof surface could cause damage to the guttering, and the roof surface. If possible survey your flat roof from a higher window first – even use binoculars to help if possible.

9. Use maintenance tools that don’t always require you to walk on the roof where possible.

Gutter cleaning kits can increase the frequency with which you clean your gutters because they make it more convenient and less daunting to do so. As mentioned earlier, if gutters are blocked this can lead to leaks forming round the edge of the roof.

10. Find a replacement roof that comes with guarantee.

This could save you a lot of money and worry. Single ply roofing systems such as Sarnafil are guaranteed for 10 or fifteen years, and the installations themselves can reasonably be expected to last for 30 years or more.

If you need help and information about any aspect of Flat Roofing Repairs and Replacement, call Kevin of County Flat Roofing on 0800 298 6960 today

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2 Responses to 10 Quick Tips To Save You Money On Your Roof

  1. Susan Jane says:

    I’ve just had County flat roofing Ltd around to replace my flat roof. It is now warmer, waterproof and i have a insurance backed guarantee for 20 years.
    Thanks for the advice.

  2. home improvement says:

    Thanks for the helpful article about home improvement. I have been looking for one like this!

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