4 Safety Reminders when DIYing your Flat Roof

The roof is leaking. Times are tough. So you buy sealants, bring in your broom and scraper because it’s once again, time to be Mr. Fix it.

Even if DIY­ing your flat roof only takes 3 steps namely clean, inspect, cover. These processes are meticulous. And as with any DIYs safety is the top priority. Here are few safety reminders to make your DIY experience a bit more pleasant.

1. Be careful with your ever step going to the roof and while you’re on it. Every flat roofs are different. Some are more bordered than the others. Take necessary precautions on moving around. While working, always be mindful of your steps and actions because falling over the roof is the last thing you want to happen.

2. Wear protective materials. Wear gloves mask or even googles if you may if you want to be protected from the sealants, and other chemicals. And always read and follow the instructions as well as the warnings. Some sealants are combustible so smoking is highly discouraged.

3. Wear appropriate footwear. Slippers would really not do it because you might slip off the ladder or it might slip off of under you. You have to make sure that your foot wear is the least thing you would have to think about while doing your DIY.

4. Let someone know you’re fixing the roof. It’s a safety net to have someone back you up if any accidents would happen to you. Some people could experience heatstroke, dehydration or even fall off the roof, so a go­to person is important to be there when you need to be rush to the hospital. An extra person is always great for any physical assistance that you might need or you just need a second opinion on something.

Being prepared and knowing exactly what you are going to do is the key to the success of your DIY. Being mindful of your actions and being present during the procedure would make your experience a lot less complicated.


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