4 Worst Enemies of the Flat Roof

1. Sun
While many people enjoy hanging out in the sun, for a flat roof, it dreads it because the sun’s heat destroys it gradually. What happen is that it oxidizes the roof making it brittle and eventually loses its elasticity. It also causes some volatile ingredients of tar or asphalt to evaporate making it more vulnerable to sun’s

2. Water
There is no denying that water is indeed one of its biggest enemy. The damage starts as soon as it penetrates the system and like cancer, it spreads out to the layers of the membrane and next thing you know, you’ll see a leak on your ceiling. When the sun can damage the superficial layers of the roof, water can damage the deeper layers of it. Most damages can be patched or glued, but eventually glues would harden and cracks would form, enabling the festering effect of water to continue up to the point that there isn’t any way to fix it but to replace everything. Yes everything.

3. Stubborn Owners
Now sometimes as owners, in order to cut down on cost, they end up DIY­ing the project thinking that a simple cover up would do the trick. In the end, further damaging the entire roof by using materials that are not compatible, using techniques that are flawed and getting complacent on the leaks hoping that it will shut off on its own someday.

4. “Experts” roof installer
Some people claim to be experts but in reality are not, so as a result instead of fixing the problem they become the problem. Even before damage has been done, just installing a flat roof poorly is an invitation for a project annihilate to the sun and rain, that’s why shortly after installation you wouldn’t be surprised that water will be dripping down your head. This is a shout out to people who want to have a flat roof to always, always, get a licensed and experienced flat roof

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