5 Things you Should Know About Flat Roofs

Due to some possibilities you can do with it, a number of people these days have dived into the world of flat roof. And a good number of them, have decided on getting one even without knowing it fully well. Having informed decision let people understand what they have to put in and what they have to give up.

Here is the rundown on some few basic points before having your own flat roof.

1. Purpose. One of the basic purpose of the flat roof is to provide a waterproof membrane that could be more cost efficient and potentially aesthetically appealing than the traditional slope roof.

2. Parts. There are different materials of flat roof depending on the type that you’ll be using. But basically it consists of a layer/layers of hydrophobic material that’s placed over a structural deck and vapor barrier that’s typically installed between a deck and the roof membrane.

3. How it works. The waterproof layers are secured tightly on the edges with flashing or thin strips of copper material to lock in the layers, preventing water to infiltrate on those areas. With the flat roofs slightly inclined, the water is then forced to flow on the edges, finally directed down to the gutters,

4. Types. There are 4 most common types of flat roof in the order of increasing durability and cost: roll asphalt, single-ply membrane, multiple ­ply or

5. Categories. These can be categorized based on the flat roof materials, cost of materials, installation, cost of installation, longevity, durability, maintenance and repair, unique applications/benefits, energy efficiency, environmental impact.

First few pointers for those first ­time­ want ­to ­be owners of flat roofs. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are still more things to learn, but knowing the pointers above would give you a bit of head start.


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