NFRC Competent Roofer

CompetentRoofer is an independent roofing company that operates under the auspices of the National Federation of Roofing Contractors Limited or NFRC and through the authority provided by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

On October 1, 2010 and after a series of consultations and collaborative works, the government has authorized the NFRC to establish a Competent Person Scheme, a form of rating system that targets roofing in Wales and England, and the scheme was dubbed as CompetentRoofer.

While it is directly managed by the trade association, CompetentRoofer also accepts applications from non-NFRC members, and roofing contractors belonging to NFRC are not automatically qualified into the CompetentRoofer membership. These roofing companies must go through the same membership procedures required of other roofing contractors.

CompetentRoofer contractors and companies are given the authority and privilege to self-certification for the required repair and renovation works for industrial, commercial and domestic roofing systems. The rating scheme for roofing contractors shall operate along parallel lines with the Local Authority Building Control (LABC), and under such arrangement, roofers are given the opportunity to offer a complete suite of services to their clients. Through this scheme, less competent roofing contractors and companies are expected to be marginalized from the mainstream market.

What Lies Ahead for Competent Roofer

Industry experts and stakeholders acknowledge the need for a better compliance rate for building regulations by roofers. Through CompetentRoofer, building owners and homeowners will gain confidence that the services provided by their roofing contractor comply with building regulations and safety standards and such projects are completed with the required guarantees.

And by all indications, the Competent Person Scheme will become a vital cog for the planned implementation of the Green Deal. Nonetheless, specific details regarding this development are not yet available.

Commitment to High Quality Standards

CompetentRoofer is committed to the highest standards in the things that it does.

The compliance by CompetentRoofer of the requirements under EN 45011 is a solid testament of its commitment in achieving its missions and goals and providing their clients with the most efficient and professional service at all times.

CompetentRoofer continuously strives to introduce innovations and improvements in the service rating that they provide. Consistent to its avowed mission, it welcomes feedback and suggestions from within the organization as well as from other industry players. The company also adopts both internal and an independent external audit for the monitoring and control of all its essential procedures and processes. Critical mileposts are also observed through a system of performance and process reviews. It also adopts a system that addresses concerns and complaints and ensures that the expectations of clients are met at all times.

CompetentRoofer targets zero-level when it comes to customer complaints. Nonetheless, should a client believe that they have a valid complaint or issue against the company or wish to seek reconsideration on a recent action on requests for certification, CompetentRoofer is duty bound to undertake the necessary investigation based on established procedures.

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