General Outlook on Flat Roof

More and more we see houses that have adopted the modern seamless style of a flat roof up to the point that it has been characterized by it. With its whole idea bank on simplicity, its neat, uncluttered almost zen-type design, the seamless lines of the flat roof easily fits the feel.

Apart from its aesthetics, it is also functional.  It gives us another living space for a lounging area. Make it into a mediterranean living space or any style of your choosing. It can also be a garden.  If you are living in a metropolitan area and you are longing for a space to grow your organic garden or your flower garden of your dreams, this space can be the perfect place for it.

But no matter what function you have for it, the bottom line is to build it perfectly well and strong.  Since it isn’t as inclined as the traditional slope roof, water can easily pool and can eventually destroy the structure itself.  With air, sun and all the elements of the outside environment, in time, your flat roof could ripped off from the crevices, on the sides, showing no mercy to a poorly built floor roof.

A well built roof starts with a good foundation or a base.  In this case, it’s called a deck which can be a plywood or chipboard or known as an Oriented Standard Board (OSB) preferably 18mm thick. Then it would have to be covered with tar paper, responsible for sealing it and making it waterproof.  Gravel is then added to protect it from UV rays, which in turn protects the tar.

Each materials has its pros and cons and it’s just through due diligence will you know which one would emerge the best for you.  In the end of the day, these will have its shelf life which means that maintenance is needed at some point.

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