Tips For Keeping Your Home Warm & Save Energy This Winter

Money is tighter now than ever, but when winter comes around, pockets never quite seem deep enough. Not only does the Christmas season drain all those summer savings, but keeping your home warm while saving energy can be a frosty nightmare. While installing double glazing, cavity walls and floor insulation are all very costly things and can take time to install, they will save you money in the long term. However, here are a few instant steps you can take to keep your house cosy this winter that won’t cost the earth but could save you a small fortune.

  1. A salad in the summer may be enough, but as the wind begins to howl and the rain soaks through to your bones, there is nothing better than a hearty winter warmer. Cooking and cleaning away the dishes are huge contributors to the rising energy costs in winter. The best way to conquer this problem? One-pot cooking. Not only does this result in less cleaning at the end, they can also be the scrummiest of all dishes with all those flavours infusing into each other. It is even possible to cook a full roast dinner in one pot, so get creative!
  2. Behind a radiator, the wall absorbs a lot of heat. To avoid this waste of energy, place good quality tin foil behind all the radiators in your home. You can buy specialist aluminium sheets for this job, but good quality kitchen foil should do the job just as well. Bargain!
  3. Windows lose a lot of heat, but installing double glazing can be costly. For a quick trick, just make sure you have thick curtains, and use them properly. Open them up to allow the natural (and free) central heating that is sunlight into your home and then close them again as soon as dusk falls to maximise heat retention.
  4. Even the smallest draught can cause the most uncomfortable chill no matter how warm your house is. Install a brush into your letterbox. It may annoy the posty, but that extra layer of protection is important. It may seem like the smallest opening, but you can also get a keyhole cover that slips over the top to keep out that piercing draught. Don’t forget that draughts can sweep through a house if there are areas that are warmer than others. Keep the doors closed to shut off unused rooms, and use sausage shaped draught excluders at the bottoms of the doors to really keep the warmth locked in.
  5. The most important of all is to insulate your flat roof! County Flat Roofing offer the best options, with expertise in installing insulation without the risks of condensation problems, so that you can have peace of mind that your roof will be keeping your whole family warm and safe. Check out to find out how we could be saving you money!
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