To DIY or not to DIY: That is the Flat Roof Question

In order to save on money, many people spring up into action and let their elbow grease do some churning. Although that’s great, however oftentimes many DIYs end up MIYs or messing­it­yourself, because some people, being amateurs, tend to just patch suspecting holes on the roof, crossing their fingers hoping that they’ve sealed the culprit. But to no avail, they are still seeing drips on the ceiling and next thing you know, the ceiling is dripping with the rain water. So how to know when we can be superheroes and when we have to turn over the jobs to the real superheroes? Well it depends.

DIY Options

Sealants are every man’s bestfriend. They are affordable, and easy to apply. However, these are not meant to last long. Eventually the sealants would harden and with sun and water exposure it would become brittle, allowing for water to enter. And so, another slab of sealant had to be reapplied. That or install a single ply membrane.

When push comes to shove, owners would be forced to shell out more money and would get single ply membranes. These are just single layer of waterproof membrane that could protect roof for a period of time, depending on the type. Single plys are commonly used for DIYS since some of them are easier to install.

Some of these options are peel and stick modified bitumen and Rubber membrane or EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) each of which has its own pros and cons. The modified bitumen is cheaper however it’s less easier to install and it’s not as scuff or tear­resistant as the rubber membrane roofs. If you have a bigger budget, you can opt for the latter. But it being more expensive doesn’t mean it’s perfect because it is made of rubber thus it’s more vulnerable to punctures.

When to Call for an Expert

 There really isn’t any way of saying when to hire. It is basically for everyone’s discretion. Time is of the essence so the longer you let the problem remain unsolved, the more damage could occur. But common sense says that when you don’t have the time but have the money, might as well hire the expert.

When after 5 sealants and still there’s drips, I think you have to give up the throne and leave it to the experts. When you don’t feel confident that you’ll do a good job, hire the expert. When you haven’t tried installing a flat roof before, hire the expert. When your existing roof has too much damage involve that no sealing could do the trick, hire the expert.

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