What you Need to Know About Flat Roof Insulation.

Even though having a flat roof has some perks of its own, there are some real down sides that every home owners have to face.

One biggest downside is the condensation, which in turn rots the deck, the tap paper and practically destroying most of the layers in time, cutting its efficiency significantly.  Another problem worth mentioning is that it doesn’t contain the warm air from the inside making the room underneath it cold.

Most of the problems mentioned here could be fixed by installing a good insulation.  There are 2 types of insulation.  The cold and the warm insulation.  With cold insulation, a requirement of a 2 inch air gap is needed for air to flow thus getting rid of potential condensation. However, it isn’t as effective, and couldn’t retain heat too, that’s why it has been banned in Scotland for the said reasons.

The  warm roof however doesn’t have those problems thus it has been used for the last 5 years.  The major difference is the application of a solid insulation boards that prevents condensation and ultimately protects the entire deck from rotting.  The insulation boards differ in materials depending on the needs and demands of your roof.

To insulate a flat roof, on your deck, place a vapour control layer which is used to protect the thermal insulation, thereby locking the heat inside.  After this an insulation board with the right weight and material would be next.  Finally, in goes the roof covering paying close attention to the drainage system to prevent water pooling.

With the complexities involve, it is just wise to hire a good contractor.  This is definitely one DIY project you shouldn’t try to get your hands on.  Dealing with the wrong ones, would mean lots of wasted money on material and a lot of headaches that we all don’t want.  Even the government wants you to avoid that mistake by reducing the VAT your roofing insulation upgrade.

One leading insulation offered this days is called the EcoWarm Roofing.  It is all you need and more.  Dealing with only the best and leading insulation manufacturer “Kingspan”, you can be assured of having a high quality insulation the market can offer.  More than that you get to have sound proof, and condesation free free, a damage free ceiling, and savings of an average of 350 for a Building Certificate.

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