You Can’t go Wrong with a Terraced Roof

The terrace roof could easily be everyone’s favorite spot.  This is a thousand times better than having a huge window on a metropolitan sky rise building, and a hundred times better than a balcony.  It offers a panoramic view of the scenery plus, an unlimited supply of fresh breeze.  Wherever you may be, a terrace roof could be for you.

But then again as tempting as it may sounds, it can only works best for buildings that have a great view at the top and if owners of buildings or apartments wouldn’t mind paying a hefty price for it.

With a view like that, it is only fitting to go all out.  In comes a varied array of designs, from garden oasis, to a zen type sitting area.  With the improvement of technology these days, one could practically think that the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity here.  Interiors have made possible the installations of pools, gardens, walls of different types and sizes.

It’s one of the best go-to place to unwind.  For Nic, one of the lucky roof terrace owners, his roof terrace has got to be his favorite spot saying ‘Sitting up here on a lazy afternoon gives me so much pleasure. We are right in the heart of the city, but it’s so calm up here.’  But of course, like many owners, he had to go through bumps just to get permission of the local council.

That’s right, bumps.  Before going crazy on the creativity, the designers are faced with a challenge on the restrictions as there are serious limitations on how much load the building could actually carry and also they have to consider the potential waterproof problems that goes along with it.  There can be compromises along the way, yet still designs and options have remained aplenty.

The struggle of putting up a terrace roof is real, but in the end, when you can see your vision unfolds in your eyes and you know that it has been done strongly and durably, you can assure yourself a space that would always serve you for a long time.

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