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Companies save money with cool roofs

With spring around the corner, businesses are starting to worry about the soaring costs involved with keeping their commercial buildings cool.  As air conditioning prices continue to increase, coupled with the wider awareness of the negative impact on the environment; … Read more

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Roofers Tagged as a Vital Cog in Various Solar Installations

The demand for various solar-based energy solutions continue to rise. And while its continued market expansion is largely attributed to the Feed-in Tariff, industry analysts agree that sustained growth is now driven by the need for more efficient and renewable … Read more

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Insulating Your Roof and Loft

The most common way that heat escapes from your house is through the roof. In a home that is not insulated, approximately 25% of heat escapes via the roof. The most effective way to combat this problem and lower your … Read more

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What is there not to love about a balcony roof? A lot of interior designs these days have revolved around the concept of bringing the outside indoors, incorporating pots and plants normally found outside in the garden and placing them … Read more

Single ply flat roofing systems have become very popular in the UK owing to their light weight that suit buildings which take load and bearing into consideration. Just because it’s single ply, doesn’t mean it’s weak. It is actually the … Read more

Your home or office may have more living space than you ever imagined. You can add to the value of your home, and improve your quality of life through utilising more outdoor space, and even reduce the environmental impact of … Read more