Sarnafil Flat Roof

Why You Should Invest on a Sarnafil Flat Roof

Imagine applying wall paper on your wall.  That’s just how easy installing a sarnafil membrane on your roof is.  Well of course it requires a bit of skill to do so, but compared to other ways of applying a membrane on your flat roof, this is as easy as you can get. With sarnafil you just have to wield in the pre-bent perimeter detail, making it strong and water resistant.  Gone are the days that you have to force the edge into its original shape. Apply a sarnafil membrane on top of a separation layer and flatten it out as cleanly as possible. Weild the edges and seal the perimeter with a sarnafil sealant.  All done at a fraction of a time compared to installing a traditional system.

Now this is not an ordinary material.  It is the only single ply flat roofing system where the materials are made only for roofing purposes.  There are contractors certified for sarnafil installations so with all the specifications invested into this product, it’s no wonder why it is very effective and long lasting.  According to British Board of Agreement or BBA it could stand in excess of 40 years. It is also fire and UV resistant.  It gives you a seamless look, and it is weed resistant too, meaning that you don’t have to with deal algae, moss or any plants that could easily grow on your roof.  This means less maintanance and more time to have fun. It has also a low environment impact and with high performance thermal insulation, it can dramatically improve the energy performance of your home.

Clearly with all these benefits, it is expected that having a sarnafil flat roof comes with a price, that’s why it is regarded as an investment.  You spend now so you don’t have to deal with the hassles in the long run.  In retrospect, you are actually saving more money, and avoiding more problems, practically what an investment is about.

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