No Cry with Single Ply Flat Roof

Single ply flat roofing system had become very popular in the UK owing to its light weightedness that  fits buildings which takes load and bearing into consideration.  Just because it’s single ply, doesn’t mean it’s weak.  It is actually the opposite.  The membranes that have came out in the market right now are durable, cost effective, and sustainable than ever.

There are different kinds of membranes out there that varies in design criteria, cost and performance requirements.

A herald of membranes has its own strengths and weaknesses.  There’s the PVC which is very durable, has the most available number of colors and is long lived, however it’s the least environment-friendly.  The EPDM is the cheapest of them all, however it cannot be recycle.  The TPO is compatible with bitumen so it’s a great option for refurbishment jobs, however it is sensitive to site conditions. The TPE which is 100% recyclable, the easiest to install and it doesn’t involve solvents, however it has the shortest track record.  The PIB which is the most environment friendly of them all and the thus the most sustainable of all the products however the most expensive.

But don’t let the acronyms intimidate you.  It is not that necessary to know what it stands for because once you know that EPDM really stands for  Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer.  Then what?  That’s what the installation experts are for.  They are going to break it down for you.  All you need to do is tell them what you need,  what you want, and your budget.  Then they are going to give you sensible advise as to which membrane suits your needs.

Many have said that flat roof is quite unreliable, but quite frankly it just boils down on how well the membranes have been installed so it is very crucial to choose the right company to advise you.

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