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4 Safety Reminders when DIYing your Flat Roof

The roof is leaking. Times are tough. So you buy sealants, bring in your broom and scraper because it’s once again, time to be Mr. Fix it. Even if DIY­ing your flat roof only takes 3 steps namely clean, inspect, … Read more

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Tips For Keeping Your Home Warm & Save Energy This Winter

Money is tighter now than ever, but when winter comes around, pockets never quite seem deep enough. Not only does the Christmas season drain all those summer savings, but keeping your home warm while saving energy can be a frosty … Read more

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Why Choose A Flat Roof Over Pitched Alternatives?

Considering what type of roof will best top off your build is an important step that could save or cost you a small fortune. While your choice of roof will depend on the type and style of your building and … Read more

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Preparing Your Roof For Winter

The nemesis of all roofs, winter, is here. Ice, rain and winds will all try to break through, and many will succeed. But before the first freeze of winter hits, there are a few things you should do to prepare … Read more

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How To Check Your Roof For Damage

A roof is your building’s first line of defence against outside elements – whether it’s a steep-slope, low-slope or flat. Maintaining the health of your roof can protect buildings from damaging weather and lower its life-cycle costs by extending the … Read more

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Are we getting bigger or are our homes shrinking?

Did you know that we are the only country in the EU not to have a minimum space standard for the homes we live in? 

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Planning Law

Failing to take planning law seriously can result in extreme measures, often ending with you being forced to tear down the roof and start again.

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Roofing Inspection & Maintenance

Old roofs are not ideal if you are somebody who hates maintenance work and it is often less expensive to replace the roof rather than to keep on repairing it in the long run.

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D’Antonio Green Roof System

The United States is now experiencing a new trend as vegetative roof coverings and waterproofing systems, otherwise known as green roofs, are increasingly being used by property owners. Environmental purists have complained about the term, but it is now widely … Read more

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Guide to Building a Roof Terrace

Do I Require Planning Permission? John Wier, a landscape architect from the Bowles and Wier organisation, suggested that if the structure can be seen from the street it’s worth enquiring into planning permission.

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Latest News

What is there not to love about a balcony roof? A lot of interior designs these days have revolved around the concept of bringing the outside indoors, incorporating pots and plants normally found outside in the garden and placing them … Read more

Single ply flat roofing systems have become very popular in the UK owing to their light weight that suit buildings which take load and bearing into consideration. Just because it’s single ply, doesn’t mean it’s weak. It is actually the … Read more

Your home or office may have more living space than you ever imagined. You can add to the value of your home, and improve your quality of life through utilising more outdoor space, and even reduce the environmental impact of … Read more