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Keeping Your Flat Roof Cool

We’re in the midst of a heatwave here in the UK and homes are getting hotter. One drawback in the summer of a flat roof is its tendency to trap heat but there are plenty of ways to reduce heat … Read more

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Flat Roof Drainage Systems

A key consideration when looking at a flat roof for your home is drainage. Without the angle of a low or steep-sloping roof rainwater won’t have gravity on its side to keep your roof clear.

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How To Check Your Roof For Damage

A roof is your building’s first line of defence against outside elements – whether it’s a steep-slope, low-slope or flat. Maintaining the health of your roof can protect buildings from damaging weather and lower its life-cycle costs by extending the … Read more

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Driffield High School Gets a Sarnafil Roof Upgrade

Driffield High School had a remarkable makeover with the recent refurbishment of its ageing roof using the single ply roofing system by Sika Sarnafil.

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10 Quick Tips To Save You Money On Your Roof

1. Have your flat roof surface inspected at least once every 2 years professionally, or inspect the flat roof more often yourself if it’s possible and safe to do so. So often major problems, leaks, damp patches in the home, … Read more

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