Green roofs are all the rage

Green roofs covered in vegetation to cool their interiors, conserve energy and water, and help curb greenhouse gas emissions are being designed by architects across Kenya.
According to architects who specialise in climate-friendly technology, the capital Nairobi is experiencing unprecedented growth in the construction of green roofs.

The flat roofs are designed to replace the vegetation being destroyed by the ground being cleared for construction, with some even housing trees as well as grass and plants.
New developments are springing up across the Capital forcing urban trees to be cut down for use as. As a result, green roofs are becoming increasingly popular as a means of restoring city environments, without losing the plants required to suck up planet-warming carbon dioxide.
Leading the way in green roofing is the East African Coca Cola Company HQ positioned on the outskirts of downtown Nairobi. Completed in 2008 the headquarters it is one of the most expensive buildings in Africa.
Its boasts an impressive roof garden which provides a recreation area for employees while ensuring there is minimal heat gain through the roof. The modest cooling effect on building interiors provided by the green roof is proven to significantly reduce energy consumption by air conditioning.

The roofs are designed to absorb up to 95 percent of rain that falls on them, this is part of a complex irrigation system which storm water run-off, while providing a welcome habitat for animals and birds.
About Green Roofs

  • Because green roofs protect roof membranes from ultraviolet radiation and temperature extremes they tend to last longer than some traditional roofing systems.
  • Germany is the world leader in green roof research, technology and usage. The green roof sector continues to grow by up to 15 per cent each year
  • In 2010, the green roofing industry in North America grew by 28.5 percent
  • With consumer interest expanding and more people than ever adopting green lifestyles, the global market is expected to continue expanding rapidly.
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  1. Lee Jones says:

    Have you completed any yet? Ive had a few enquiries this year both from local schools. I wonder if it will take off for domestic properties. Id certainly like to have a go at doing one it would be something different for sure!

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