Why Choose A Flat Roof Over Pitched Alternatives?

Considering what type of roof will best top off your build is an important step that could save or cost you a small fortune. While your choice of roof will depend on the type and style of your building and on relevant planning laws, typically a flat roof is especially good for minor structures, such as extensions, porches and garages. So what are the main benefits of using this technique over the pitched alternatives?

  • Accessible
    • Although they are called ‘flat’ roofs, they are deceptively slightly sloped to avoid water retention. However, they are still perfect if you are considering a roof terrace or garden and can be made easily accessible for that extra outdoor living space. Also, on a more practical level, as a result of being more accessible they are much easier to inspect and maintain, meaning you are less likely to have a nasty surprise when the weather turns.
  • Cost Effective
    • With less materials and labour involved in construction of a flat roof, it can be a much kinder solution on your bank account. Maintenance is also cheaper, as a re-coat is not expensive. Pitched roofs come with a hefty price tag because of their complex design. Flat roofs can also save you money on energy with proper insulation.
  • Practical
    • There is no waste of space with a flat roof because of their compact design, and you can fully utilise all the height of the rooms below.
  • Durability
    •  A flat roof can offer between 20 and 40 years of durability, especially with modern technology supplying better membranes to protect it from the damage traditional flat roofs received from UV sunlight, dramatic hot to cold temperature changes and moss and algae. But if a full replacement is required, this can often be done in just one day.
  • Pitched Roof Complications
    • Pitched roofs place a bigger burden on the foundations of a building, which can lead to catastrophic implications for the depth of the footings. Therefore, replacing an old flat roof with a pitched alternative is not always possible, so consider other options.

While there are also benefits for pitched roofs over flat roofs, it is worth considering this beneficial other option too.

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