Converting Your Roof Into A Usable Space

It’s the age of the ‘scrimp and save’, and we’re all looking for those extra ways to add value to our property. People extend their houses left, right and centre, but have you ever thought of extending upwards? A roof can be converted into another usable living space, invaluable if you live in a built up urban area with very little or no garden.

Roof terraces and gardens can increase the value of your home by more than 30%, especially if located in sought after areas of London or other big cities. Two comparable properties can vary in value greatly with the addition of a sunny facing garden or terrace, so why limit yourself to the ground space to work with when a roof terrace can easily catch those rays? If you are looking to sell your property, the evidence shows that houses with gardens or roof terraces sell far more quickly too.

Porcelain Tile Flat Roof Flooring4

Keen, green fingered gardeners can forget about the stereotypical roof terraces where a few deckchairs spring up in the summer time. They are now places to get creative with extravagant designs and features. Be a canny developer and make your neighbours green with envy, especially if you live in a grey city area. Decking, lawns and even water features can be put together to make your mini paradise in the sky.

Developers are catching on to this trend, and it can appeal more than a standard ground floor garden as they can offer spectacular views, and a peaceful tranquillity at its quiet heights.


The self-sustainable living trend that is sweeping through the nation can be difficult for many urban dwellers, but roofs should not be ignored as a potential space to start growing your own fruit and veg. Convenient herb gardens take up very little space, but add oodles of pizazz to your culinary masterpieces.

Of course, a roof garden does not just appear on your home, and time and money have to be invested into this project. While it will add value to your property in many ways, you must also make sure that the high cost of construction does not outweigh the benefits. Installing a roof garden is a specialist job that requires a structural engineer to make a report on the strength of the roof, before any work can even begin. Don’t forget that usually there are construction costs involved such as installing a door or staircase and safety precautions to take, using steel beams to reinforce the roof.


While the initial costs might be great, roof gardens can save you money in others ways. Just like a huge loft insulation, buildings with roof gardens lose 30% less heat during the winter, making massive savings on your energy bills. Also, because of the rubber waterproofing layer that has to be installed, a roof garden can extend the life of your roof by up to 70%, with extra protection from UV rays, wind and rain.

So what are you waiting for?

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