A New and Innovative Advertising Plan

Companies all across the U.S. are making sure that they can get their messages out there in new and creative ways. Building owners are also buying into this by making sure that their rooftops are open for advertising space. With flight becoming more common for so many people it’s now a long-term and subtly powerful way of advertising.

Sika Sarnafil allows you to take advantage of these new advertising opportunities. With the capability to create colored membranes that are highly customizable any unique idea can be acted upon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Place on a Roof?

Anything and everything. As long as it fits in with the standards of advertising set by the relevant bodies then anything can be put up there. The building name, company logos, and even slogans are just some of the things that have appeared as roof graphics.

Why Would I Want a Roof Graphic?

Get your brand name out there in the long term. Show how creative and innovative the company is by taking control of this modern form of advertising. A truly fantastic talking point for any growing or established company!

Which Buildings Should be Used?

Roof graphics can work with mostly any roof types, but domes, steep roofs, and flat roofs are the favored types. Location is also imperative. Lower roofs that can be seen from higher buildings can make a great place to leave your mark. Airports or buildings on popular flight paths are also incredibly potent advertising locations.

How Does it Work?

The colored Sika Sarnafil membrane is produced and sent away to a specialized stencil company. The graphics can then be stenciled onto the membrane and then cut out. Once the cut-out has been completed it’s glued before being hot-air welded to the top of the building. It’s completely weatherproof and will maintain its opulence for years to come.

Do I Need to Maintain my Roof Graphics?

Yes, but not very often. If something cataclysmic happens and it needs to be cleaned or repaired then you can get help for that. An authorized applicator offers the necessary cleaning services that can give your graphic a new lease of life or where any repair work can be carried out.

Changing or removing the graphic will not impact the warranty on the roof.

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