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Why Choose A Flat Roof Over Pitched Alternatives?

Considering what type of roof will best top off your build is an important step that could save or cost you a small fortune. While your choice of roof will depend on the type and style of your building and … Read more

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Converting Your Roof Into A Usable Space

It’s the age of the ‘scrimp and save’, and we’re all looking for those extra ways to add value to our property. People extend their houses left, right and centre, but have you ever thought of extending upwards? A roof … Read more

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Flat Roof Drainage Systems

A key consideration when looking at a flat roof for your home is drainage. Without the angle of a low or steep-sloping roof rainwater won’t have gravity on its side to keep your roof clear.

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Are we getting bigger or are our homes shrinking?

Did you know that we are the only country in the EU not to have a minimum space standard for the homes we live in? 

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Planning Law

Failing to take planning law seriously can result in extreme measures, often ending with you being forced to tear down the roof and start again.

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Roof Blends In With Historic Town’s Architecture Thanks To Sarnafil

A new building in the heart of one of the UK’s only remaining Spa towns has been fitted with a cutting-edge lookalike roof to ensure the property is sympathetic to its historic surroundings.

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Sarnafil’s Roofing Reputation

Sarnafil is a respected worldwide brand that exists as part of the Swiss-owned group of companies known as Sika. Sarnafil has steadily risen over the years to become one of the most successful suppliers of single ply roofing membranes.

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D’Antonio Green Roof System

The United States is now experiencing a new trend as vegetative roof coverings and waterproofing systems, otherwise known as green roofs, are increasingly being used by property owners. Environmental purists have complained about the term, but it is now widely … Read more

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Looking Up to Your Roof Terrace

When somebody looks at an old Georgian town house sitting on the street they don’t expect to discover a glazed extension sitting on the valley roof. An extension that has a curved glass roof and walls with windows that looks … Read more

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Roofers Tagged as a Vital Cog in Various Solar Installations

The demand for various solar-based energy solutions continue to rise. And while its continued market expansion is largely attributed to the Feed-in Tariff, industry analysts agree that sustained growth is now driven by the need for more efficient and renewable … Read more

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